Arp Agreement

Bridges: The ARP helps define expectations through the individual service contract. The quality of life has been improved by the PRA for many people. We are now looking at productivity – it is a very difficult area that needs to be fully assessed. Find out who we are and how we serve our members. Opening times: 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (open Monday to Friday, Holidays) Phone: 780-643-1436 Free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta) Fax: 780-422-5208 Email: [email protected] Leddin: In the end, yes, but it by no means meant a great shift from clinical work to academic work. The remuneration of the ARP guarantee is based on an annual amount per patient with a service table plus an element of the fee for the payment of the service. Most importantly, the PRA has had a very positive impact on the ability of our members to develop and implement clinical innovations. Since the introduction of the PRA, the clinical performance model has shifted from a medical model to increased use of multidisciplinary teams, multidisciplinary teams, better use of telemedicine and related technologies, such as mobile clinics and outreach programs for rural Albertans. AMA Health Economics has several experienced PRA consultants who assist physicians in the clinical exploration, development and implementation of the PRA.

To access these resources, please contact Once the expression of interest is accepted, the group of physicians must develop a clinical application of the PRA. The group of physicians may also choose to work with Alberta Health employees or other advisors of their choice to file the application. For programs provided in AHS institutions, the group of physicians must cooperate with the AHS to prepare the application. Learn more about the annualized clinical compensation of the PRA and the forms needed to set up and manage an ARP under this model. . Experienced praembled clinical physicians discuss the benefits and challenges of alternative clinical relationship plans. By sharing their knowledge and perspectives, physicians discuss the common aspects of clinical PDAs, access WADA`s resources for information and assistance, and draw on the experience of others to help evaluate and select a preferred payment model. The development of a clinical PRA begins when the AHS or a group of physicians identifies the benefits likely to benefit from a clinical ARP, such as a performance deficit. B or existing services that are subject to the existing compensation structure. Leddin: Clinicians-scientists are paid at the same rate as clinical teachers, and in many ways, given their contracts with industry, do much better. AFP members do not compare very well to private practice – the numbers are difficult to calculate accurately, but at best they represent about 75% of community colleagues.

To change the authorized representative for a clinical ARP, you submit a letter of amendment for authorized agents. To establish a clinical PRA, a group of physicians can work with Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services (AHS) to determine whether a clinical PRA is an appropriate way to support the delivery of a service or program.