Special Agreement Check Form

The right position name is the basis of an effective and consistent personnel ability and safety program. The process determines, by assessing national safety and adequacy requirements, the type of investigation required and the depth of control of an individual`s position. In order to ensure a systematic, reliable and consistent method for determining position designations, OPM provides the PDS position (PDS) and the Designation Automated Tool (PDT) position for people within the position designation agencies. The PDT is an interactive tool on the OPM website. Once the investigation is completed by PSIO, it is assigned to a staff safety specialist for evaluation. The tradesman analyses the information and, if necessary, conducts further studies or interviews. It is recommended that a certificate of favourable aptitude be granted or refused. THE PSIO informs the coordinating office of its recommendation. The coordinating office verifies and works with PSIO to make a final decision. Users of e-QIP agencies access e-QIP through the NP2 Secure portal, while those who need to complete their surveys access e-QIP through the NBIB. OPM.gov website. Full-Field Background Investigation (FFI) is required for employees with high-risk positions. This study covers a period of seven years and includes checks of national agencies, as described in the ENAI, a personal specialized interview, employment, autonomy and unemployment coverage, training verification, stays, former employers and repressive controls.

This website provides information for federal candidates, employees, contractors and military personnel, as well as guidance, communications and tools to support agency personnel and security offices. Federal Investigation Information (FINs) is published on this site to provide timely communication from the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) to federal authorities. The Human Resources Management Board (OPM) requires individuals applying for admission to the federal government to investigate their suitability for employment. OPM found that different levels of analysis are appropriate based on position accountability. The Office of Personnel Security and Identity Card (PSIO) ensures that all persons appointed to positions in IS roles are subject to substantive investigations and a position within IS and the federal government, and whether their employment could, in any way, , pose a threat to the institution. These findings are based on information from background investigations. The in-depth survey requested for employees with moderate, low-risk and non-sensitive positions is a National Agency Check with Written Inquiries (ENAI). The ENAI is carried out by OPM. This investigation covers a five-year area that includes an FBI fingerprint check, investigation review and files, the OPM Security Index and Investigations Index, national credit bureaus and related military records, written requests to law enforcement, former employers and superiors, personal references and schools. The SOI or SON can obtain the following information on the FIPC telephone line: (724) 794-5228.

Please have the information you need to check when calling the phone line. If an agency has access to the Central Verification System (CVS), the following information can also be obtained electronically. For more information on electronic access to CVS, see Section 3.0 on the Personal Investigation Processing System (PIPS). Through automated interconnection, PIPS provides direct access to NBIB records at an agency`s security office. The direct link can reduce an agency`s processing time by replacing the forms placed or the telephone consultation process. Security offices can conduct SII searches online, request files, send messages, record OFI-Form 79 notifications, enter Special Agreement Checks (SAC) and monitor the progress of their files.