Training Agreement For Apprentices

Employers can claim reimbursement of the employer`s contribution in social security contributions from the apprenticeship allowance paid (see Q 14). The possibilities for change depend on the level of qualification and the profession. There are two types of alternation in apprenticeships: (Professional Training Act 2019, Article 40, paragraph 1); Vocational Training Act 2008, art.2 (26) unchanged) In 2019, 3,477 learners were enrolled in apprenticeships, as recorded by the Ministry of Education. The state contributes financial incentives to training companies (see below). Initial apprenticeship vocational training (which results in CCP, DAP or DT qualifications) legally requires an alternation between work-based learning in a training company. The apprenticeship contract is not considered equivalent to an employment contract. This is a particular form of contract, the particular rules of the labor code, art. L.111-1 to L111-9) if you are looking for a new apprentice or if you already have a qualified candidate on board, register. We help you find an apprentice or explain first-hand how learning works. The conditions of “professional competence” for the training of apprentices are defined for the different sectors in agreement with the Employers` Chamber (or the Minister for occupations that do not depend on a professional order) with the Chamber of Workers. Adult education learners are entitled to pay at least equal to the social minimum wage for unskilled workers.

In this case, the conditions are of the species. L. 223-1 of the labour code. In 2020, the minimum social income is set at 2,141 euros per month. According to the definition of the labour code (L.111-1), professional orders are responsible for the accreditation of training companies. Apprenticeship contracts are governed by certain general provisions of the labour code: the Certificate of Professional Capacity (CCP) can only be obtained under the apprenticeship programme, while some DAP qualifications and most DTs are organised as a school course, including a practical part of the company as part of the internship agreement. The type of training in business (apprenticeship or internship) depends on the profession or profession. As an incentive for the State, apprentices who pass the school year receive a training bonus of 130 euros per month for training leading to a CCP qualification and 150 euros per month for apprenticeship places leading to DAP or DT qualifications.